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Business Automation with Matrix Automate

Improve your cash flow with automated e-mail notifications,  Save time and money normally spent manually sending out order processing documents or performing repetitive reminder procedures. Improve your business communication by making it more timely and consistent while ensuring that related e-mail correspondence is stored securely. Track e-mail correspondence automatically, storing content in context via Matrix Automate dialogs for all customer service representatives to view.

With Matrix Automate you can….

  • Automatically or manually e-mail Dynamics NAV Sales documents (Quotes, Acknowledgments, Shipment Notice and Invoices) as PDF attachments
    • E-mails can include an embedded PayPal link that will give the customer an option to remit their payment online
    • Template-based e-mail reminders can be sent out automatically when invoices become overdue
    • Customer statements can be sent out in PDF format, on demand
    • All e-mail messages are based on user defined templates
  • Automatically e-mail Dynamics NAV Purchase Order documents as PDF attachments
  • Allow users to view customer e-mail replies to your system e-mail notifications using standard Dynamics NAV Record Links